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The IFMGA UIAGM is the International Federation of Mountain Guides Associations and the only organization that represents mountain guides at an international level, of which the AGMP is a member.

The IFMGA UIAGM, through its technical commission, ensures an elevated technical level of its members through trainings, protocols and a superior technical platform as a base requirement for the formation and performance of mountain guides at a worldwide level.

There are 23 countries with membership in IFMGA UIAGM. Peru has belonged to the IFMGA since 1990 and has mainstreamed their technical requirements, formative curriculum of official mountain guides into their own training. Peru has meticulously complied with all the requirements of this rigorous international institution.

Updates and monitoring of the training classes are sent by the instructors to the directorate of the AGMP. In the same way, the AGMP has been receiving technical help from IFMGA specialists corroborating with the evaluation and formation of instructors, which is so important for keeping them current with worldwide standards.

Based on such acknowledgment, the AGMP OFFICIAL MOUNTAIN GUIDE is a highly trained professional capable of successfully leading clients in all disciplines in the mountains. Their certification of excellent quality is well recognized by distinct countries around the world.

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